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Hey folks, Harry here…Today, SXSW, unleashed the “rest of the story” when it comes to the titles playing at this year’s 23rd SXSW!   I’ve included the entire press release from SXSW, simply because there is so much great trivia that shows you just how difficult programming a festival like this is.   They received over 2,456 features.  That’s a whole lot of watching!   Not only that, but SXSW strives to discover new filmmakers with new visions as much as humanly possible and it really is quite exciting.   Reading through the list has me quite excited, I’ve been hearing about this Animated THE TOWER, which is about that first school mass shooting by Charles Whitman upon the University of Texas campus, back when my dad was a student – and gave birth to the modern wave of terror that as a society we’re still struggling to muster a response.   I’m curious about MY BEAUTIFUL BROKEN BRAIN – the log line is curious and somehow speaks to me in a sub-dialect of geeky anticipation.  Dig in and see what speaks at you…

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