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U.S. Navy SEALs will be featured in new movie about an Iraqi citizen who helped track and destroy terrorists

“Straight Outta Compton” writer and producer has finalized a new deal to make a new movie about Navy Seals based on a New York Times best-seller called “Code Name: Johnny Walker,” the Hollywood Reporter writes.

The new movie, to be made by 28 Entertainment, chronicles the experience of an Iraqi citizen who risked everything to fight alongside the Navy SEALs and attack terrorists.  The story was co-authored by Jim DeFelice, the writer of the widely known “American Sniper” book, the magazine said.

The focus of the book, an Iraqi code named “Johnny Walker,” began as a translator and risked his life on more than 1,000 missions, the Hollywood Reporter writes.

“When Iraqi insurgents targeted Johnny and his family for torture and death because of his work with the Americans, the SEALs heroically brought Johnny and his family to safety in the United States,” the story in the magazine says.

The project will be shopped at the upcoming Toronto film festival.

The new movie on Navy SEALs may likely take its place among a number of high-profile movies featuring the famous unit such as “Lone Survivor,” “Act of Valor,” “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Tears of the Sun,” among others.

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